Wash Plus Packages
Basic Wash - $19.95
SUV Basic Wash - $29.95

Simple Wash & Vac - $35.95
Large Truck, SUV & Van - $45.95
- Wash, vac, wipe out door jambs, dress tires, and clean windows.

Half Detail - $85.95
Large Truck, SUV & Van - $105.95
- Wash, vacuum, wipe out door jambs, dress tires, clean windows, interior shine of dash, door, and center console.

Ultimate Detailing
Car, Small Truck & SUV - $ 215.95
Large Truck, SUV & Van - $235.95

Full Detailing
Car, Small Truck & SUV - $ 190.95
Large Truck, SUV & Van - $210.95 
- Wash & Vac 
- Door Jambs 
- Dress tires 
- Shampoo carpets and floor mats 
- Clean adn shine interior dash, doors and consoles 
- Clean trunk or truck box

Interior Only Detailing
Car, Small Truck & SUV - $ 115.95
Large Truck, SUV & Van - $135.95

Powersports Detailing

Detail ATV & UTV - $39.95
Detail Motorcycle - $99.95
- Wash and wax 
- Polish Chrome

Boat - $15 per foot
- Wash and wax of hull
- Full clean of seats and plastic
- Shampoo floors

Detail Center

Paint Sealant
This product is fortified with Teflon and is used on new car finishes. Paint sealant protects your new car finish against sun, salt, grease, tar and other environmental facots while sealing in deep and durable shine. This product presents paint fade, and keeps your car's glossy finish, which means less waxing for you.

Leather Conditioner
This product seals, protects, and revews leather upholstery. It serves to keep surfaces soft and stain-free. The conditioner also protects against cracking, fading, and discoloration.

Fabric Care
This product protects upholstery and carpeting from soiling, staining, and fading.

A process designed to remove oxidation, light scratches, and some paint problems caused by the elements. This process does not take the place of waxes or sealants.

Auto Magic
A high quality wax that will protect and seal out the elements when applied to a car's finish. A wax serves as a protection against salt, bugs, dirt, grime, and the sun's rays. A good was will produce a high quality shine.

Our Promise & Commitment
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